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Electric Eel Services
for McMurray, PA

A Quick Drain Service Performs Effective Electric Eel Services

A Quick Drain Services provides expert electric eel services for McMurray, PA. It is an electric device used to clear blockages from drains and septic systems as part of our plumbing services. The electric eel has a cutter on the end of it that breaks through the blockage. This occurs as we move it through the drainage line. Our technicians use electric eels to clear clogs instead of excavation and manual repairs. We can open large or small-sized drains, so you can rest assured the electric eel will get the job done.

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Electric Eel Machines Efficiently Clear Drain Blockages in McMurray

Electric eels can provide an efficient and effective way for D.O.T.-certified plumbers to clear clogs and other blockages. Sometimes blockages are so difficult for us to break up that we have to use the electric eel. When your home or business in McMurray, PA, needs sewer or drain cleaning, rely on A Quick Drain Service to fix the problem. We provide electric eel services as a way to easily unclog sewer and drain pipes without major intervention.

Calling Us to Clear Blocks is Better than a DIY Repair

If you do not have experience with an electric eel, A Quick Drain Service recommends calling us to do the job. You could do more harm than good if you attempt a DIY electric eel project. We will not use the electric eel if you have galvanized pipes or you recently used a commercial drain cleaner. The electric eel could possibly damage the pipes, which would be a very costly repair. Our D.O.T.-certified plumbers have the knowledge and experience to perform the correct service.

Here are Some Tips to Prevent Clogging in the Future

We know that it is too late for prevention of a clog by the time you need an electric eel. There are practices, though, in the future you can follow to prevent clogs. Do not put anything down the drains that are likely to become solid in time, including grease, fats, and oils. Try to avoid food scraps from entering drains. Run cold water through your garbage disposal during and after use.

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