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Camera Drain Inspections in Farmington, PA

A Quick Drain Service Removes Clogs with an Electric Eel

A Quick Drain Service uses camera drain inspections in Farmington, PA, and the surrounding areas for effective drain cleaning. When you hear “electric eel,” you may picture a long fish swimming in the ocean. But did you know that there is also a plumbing device called an eel? This device allows plumbers to break up large clogs in drains. If the mass is too large or dense to break up, the other end has a hook. This hook allows the plumber to pull the blockage out.

In some cases, an electric eel is not suitable for the job. This can include certain types of piping, or if you recently used a commercial drain cleaner. If we cannot use the eel, our plumbers can try hydro jetting or another method. Call us today at (724) 222-1095 or locally at (724) 329-1335 to schedule service. We are available 24/7 for drain clog emergencies, too.

Finding Blockages and Damage with Camera Drain Inspections

One way to find clogs or damage without digging up the yard is to employ camera drain inspection. The plumbers of A Quick Drain Service use a camera to inspect drain and sewer lines to find obstructions. Sometimes this is a mix of waste, non-flushable products, and/or grease. In other cases, it may be a tree root or other issue with the line, like holes or cracks. Our team near Farmington, PA, can use camera drain inspection to help determine the best way to solve the problem.

Farmington’s Choice for Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Mishaps

A Quick Drain Service is Farmington, PA’s choice for prompt, professional drain cleaning and plumbing service. Plumbing mishaps can be frustrating, and sometimes even a little scary. If your toilet or bathtub is overflowing due to a clog, you may experience great property damage. Sewer backup can also post a risk to your health. When your plumbing is acting up, contact A Quick Drain Service. We can provide necessary camera inspections and service for utility lines, too.

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In Farmington, PA, and surrounding areas, contact A Quick Drain Service for effective camera drain inspections.