Utility Line Service in Washington, PA
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A Quick Drain Service is D.O.T. Certified, Fully Insured, and Licensed

Are you looking for utility line service in Washington, PA? A Quick Drain Service offers professionally licensed and certified utility line installation, maintenance, and repair for gas lines, water lines, and sewer lines. Utility line service is our specialty, and our technicians are ready to assist you 24/7.
Call us right away at (724) 222-1095 for immediate service or to request an estimate.

Repair or Replacement for Broken and Leaking Pipes

If your gas, water, or sewer lines are severely damaged, crushed, broken, leaking, or destroyed, contact A Quick Drain Service. We offer professional pipe clearing, repairs, maintenance, and replacement for your water, gas, and sewer lines. We have been handling main sewer line pipe installation for over 47 years in the tri-state area.

Underground Plumbing Access and Excavation in the Pittsburgh, PA, Area

Do you need work done on your main sewer, water, or gas line? Our service area includes Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas, including Washington, PA; Uniontown, PA; Waynesburg, PA; Charleroi, PA; and Wheeling, WV. We perform work on sewer, water, and main gas lines. Trust us with all your underground utility needs. If any of your piping systems are deteriorated or require repairs, you are in good hands with A Quick Drain Service.


Gas Line Repair

Replace Polyethylene Pipes

Replace Black Iron Pipes


Replace Galvanized Water Lines

Replace Copper Water Lines

Replace PEX water lines

Replace CPVC water lines

Sewer Line Location

Water Line Repair

Pipe Repair/Replacement

Contact your D.O.T.-certified professionals at A Quick Drain Service for all underground water, sewer, and natural gas line installation. We also offer maintenance, repair, and replacement needs in and around the Pittsburgh region. Our courteous staff members are on hand to schedule an appointment. Call A Quick Drain Service at (724) 222-1095 for additional information.

Canonsburg, PA: (724) 228-9118

Charleroi, PA: (724) 489 – 9119

Claysville, PA: (724) 225-4173

Farmington, PA: (724) 329 – 1335

Pittsburgh, PA: (412) 882 – 1055

Uniontown, PA: (724) 439 – 2350

Washington, PA: (724) 222 – 1095

Waynesburg, PA: (724) 852 – 1518

Wheeling, WV: (304) 232 – 7002

Call A Quick Drain Service for utility line service in Washington, PA.