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Plumber in Charleroi, PA

A Quick Drain Service Is a Trusted Plumber in Southwestern PA

When you need a plumber in Charleroi, PA and surrounding areas, trust A Quick Drain Service. Plumbing is an essential part of any home or business. Without it, you cannot properly use the bathroom, cook, bathe, or even clean. Our plumbers are well-versed in a variety of plumbing services, including:

  • Drains
  • Indoor/Outdoor French Drains
  • Floor Drains
  • Sump Pumps
  • Waterproofing
  • Pipe Repair/Replacement
  • Pipe Thawing
  • Water Heater Installation & Repair
  • Sand Mound and Leach Field Repair/Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Sink and Faucet Installation
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Utility Line Replacement and Repair
  • 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Choose A Quick Drain Service for experienced plumbing services in the Charleroi, PA, area. Call us today at (724) 222-1095 for an estimate.

Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning Services for Charleroi, PA

Sewer lines and drains need cleaning to remove debris like grease, oil, hair, and other matter. Once these items build up, they can stop water and sewage from flowing. This is when overflowing toilets or drains can occur, which includes dangerous sewage backup. If you experience a drain or sewer line clog in the Charleroi, PA, area, call A Quick Drain Service. We offer camera line inspections and efficient drain cleaning services to remove these pesky clogs.

Electric Eel Service by A Quick Drain Service

For those deep, large clogs, A Quick Drain Service offers electric eel services. An electric eel is a plumbing tool that can rotate to break up clogs. If the clog will not break up, the eel can hook into it for our plumbers to pull the clog out. Our D.O.T.-certified plumbers can quickly assess the clog and determine the best plan of action. Talk to our friendly staff today for more information.

Utility Line Replacement and Repair in Charleroi, PA

There are many reasons as to why utility lines need replacement or repair. Age, tree roots, clogs, and more can cause pipes to break, crack, or burst. A Quick Drain Service can replace or repair sewer lines, water lines, and gas lines in Charleroi, PA. We can provide the necessary excavation, too, to get this job done. Ask us about our utility line location services. Contact us for more information on our plumbing services.

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In Charleroi, PA and surrounding areas, choose A Quick Drain Service as your plumber.