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Sewer Cleaning in Wheeling, WV

A Quick Drain Service Offers Electric Eel Services to Clear Clogged Drains

For sewer cleaning in Wheeling, WV, and surrounding areas, contact A Quick Drain Service to clear clogged drains. Electric eel service is a great, efficient way to remove drain clogs and restore flow. Our plumbers are D.O.T. certified and can handle just about any plumbing project. Deep clogs can cause backup in drains, pipe bursts, and more. A Quick Drain Service is here to remove these pesky, dangerous clogs and to keep the drains flowing. Call us today from Wheeling, WV, or the surrounding areas at (724) 222-1095 for an estimate. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, too.

What Is Electric Eel Service?

Electric eels can remove large clogs from drains. Grease, oils, food bits, and hair are just a few common clogs that can build up over time. Once they get too large, common drain cleaners will most likely not do the trick. This is where A Quick Drain Service comes in. We use an electric eel to burst through these tough clogs. The electric eel is a tool that rotates to break through the debris. If this is not enough, the eel can hook into the clog for our plumbers to pull it out. If you have a deep clog in your home or business in Wheeling, WV, call us. Our plumbers will do whatever we can to remove the clog.

Effective Sewer Cleaning in Wheeling, WV, with A Quick Drain Service

Along with electric eel services, A Quick Drain Service can remove drain and sewer clogs in other ways. We offer camera inspections to pinpoint these clogs and will determine the best remedy for removing it. If your drains are not draining or are draining slowly in Wheeling, WV, call us. Our plumbers will get to you as soon as possible for effective sewer cleaning. If the clog damages the sewer line or drains, A Quick Drain Service offers utility line replacement and repair. Contact us today from Wheeling or the surrounding areas for immediate assistance.

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A Quick Drain Service provides Wheeling, WV, with effective sewer cleaning.